Welcome To Sri Agasthiyar Nadi Jodida Nilayam

In Olden days the sages and sears had a deep research about the nature of human beings and their furture happenings of the life through the astrological science. they have written their miraculour findings in the pulmira leaflets. There are lakhs of Manuscripts found in a such a way. Among which for you also it might have written. In order to find out your correct leaflet we require the following details of your present circumstances. If you come in person this much of questionaries are not required. With several questions we can easily find out the Leaflet. Asyou are being out of station only we require the following details.

And this application is sent to the people whomever is not able to come in person to search out their own leaflets. There fore you duly filled up the form as far as possible. Eventhough you don't know the horoscope and other things, Try to ask any family aged members and give correct particulars as far as possible. So that we can findout one's correct leaflet.

After searching out the leaflet we will write all the Tamil poetries in a note book and give you a clear explanation of your future in cassette recording also. There are 17 gandas in the annexure in which after the 1st gandam only we can go the others.